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Thomas Edvard Krogh

KROGH, Thomas Edvard, born in Peterborough, ON, 1936. Professor Emeritus, Dept of Geology, University of Toronto; Retired Curator and Founding Director of the Geochronology Laboratory at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Much loved and greatly missed by his wife Kathy Myers and sister Joan Armstrong Bennett. Fondly remembered by his children and their spouses: Erik & Jane, Kari & Dave, Sara & Mark and Jason & Jenn as well grandchildren Jeremy, Rebecca, Ezra and Alyssa Hong Gee.

Tom approached life with a scientific mind, sharing his insights into geology, cooking, organic gardening, energy efficiency and more. Every experience was seen as an opportunity for learning. Always down to earth, Tom was as comfortable in a straw hat on his tractor as he was examining minerals under a microscope. But Tom was perhaps most at home on an outcrop of the Canadian Shield.

A graduate of Queen's University M.Sc. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D., Tom especially enjoyed his many years of research at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC. His work revolutionized techniques of radiometric uranium-lead rock dating leading to an unprecedented level of precision that has facilitated the unraveling of the history of the Earth's crust.

Tom was the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of his scientific contributions including the Geological Assn of Canada's Logan Medal and the Canadian Geophysical Union's Tuzo Wilson Medal. In addition to receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Queen's University, he was inducted as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the Geological Assn of Canada, the American Geophysical Union, the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, and the European Assn for Geochemistry.

A gathering in Tom's honour will take place on May 8, 4:00 at the University of Toronto Faculty Club. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Tom's memory to the Queen's University Science '59 Entrance Award for students in financial need. For details including how to donate read the Science 59 Entrance Award information sheet.


Article in the Peterborough Examiner

Notice from the Carnegie Institute where Tom worked from 1964 to 1975.